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Tori Amos- Icicle Live

It amazes me how many people don’t realize she’s singing about masterbation. I recently told a friend of mine this and it blew her mind. I was like…really? It is so obvious…

Tori Amos & The Polish Radio Orchestra - Marianne - Warsaw 2012


(another favorite and IMHO under appreciated song. This is the version from the Gold Dust album)

Tori Amos- Don’t Look Back in Anger

(I love this cover. She starts the song about 2 mins in.)

Tori Amos -Cloud On My Tongue Live in Vienna May 2009

Tori Amos performs a great live cover of Billy Joel’s The Piano man - HQ recording - 28-06-2005 Frankfurt, during the “Original Sinsuality” tour.


Tori Amos, smack talking Morrissey, and playing possibly the best cover of Don’t Look Back in Anger, I’ve ever heard!

Thanks, Lauren!

Tori Amos- Strange Little Girl (Stranglers cover)

Sorry for Tori spam…I went back and read Neils stories for this album and then wanted to listen to it.