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I’m not into foot stuff but I am into watching you and Pixie.

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I wanna move to Sweden and start a fourway relationship with you, Marcus, me and Bunny.

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Fetish: Butt stuff? Spankings? Rape play?

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I don’t hear a Southern accent. But you do sound young. I bet you could play little kids in cartoons! #JobOpportunity

Hmmmm….I dunno Sean…I kinda hate my voice..I would cringe hearing it in a cartoon lol

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Obviously you should post a recording here.

I might could make that happen…

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I ship you and me. If only 'cause our ship name would be Bitch of the Undead.

Bitch of the Undead….that is SO AWESOME!

Edit: In the Voluspa (part of the Eddas) there is a ship called Naglfar which is made entirely of the finger and toenails of the dead. At Ragnarok it is told that it will sail to Vígríðr, which is a field that will host a large battle between the gods. I dont know why…but ‘ship name’ made me think of this

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I hope that you don’t need another surgery.

Me too. If I do it means the surgeon fucked up the first time, which is scary. Plus it would mean I have to push back my move date.