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Eddie from AbFab Quote on Drug Use

Saffy: Where are you going?

Eddie: To New York

Saffy: I didn't think they let people with drug convictions in

Eddie: Darling, it's not a conviction-

Patsy: Just a firm belief


Bettie in one of her own designs.

I threw out all my pin up costumes and stockings and everything having to do with modeling. I thought God disapproved of all that once I had turned my life over to the Lord, I never felt that way before. I was getting all of this out of my life. I wish I had still kept my bikinis; I just would have liked to have them as souvenirs. I used to make all of my own bikinis.

-Bettie Page

I’m very sorry that when I turned my life over to the Lord in January 1959, I threw out all my netstockings, bikinis - some from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I had designed some myself. I did think that God did disapprove of things I had done as a model. But I don’t think that now, I’m sorry I threw them out.

Speaking of bikinis, I have people making dollars off of me, one of the last jobs I did in NYC was for a couple down in Greenwich Village. The wife wanted me to pose in all my bikinis, I thought it was strange. A while later, someone sent me an ad and they were selling Bettie Page bikinis. Dirty trick. They had copied my bikinis!

-Bettie Page