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Valient Himselfs Rocknowledgy Podcast- Ep 34

From the words of Valient Himself:

"alahoyus broskeetos, brollums, hombres, Thorriors, Rocknowledgists, and wayward wastelanders!!  Its been a long time and I don’t want to hold you up from this heavy set of killer jams!  I’m super proud of this episode as being on the road and at home for a sec allowed me to dig HARD through the archives and find a bunch of relatively unknown OLD local, regional and national stuff to share with you.  I have some older deep cuts and some brand new stuff for you from Torche!!! and Turbonegro!!  A really badass mix and some major NC love representin’.  Ok, enough jabberin, I’ll let you get to it.  DIG DEEP!"

Check it out…some kick ass rock n roll on here!! Lot’s of old local NC bands, which is awesome. (you can either download or stream from the link OR subscribe on itunes…all for free)

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