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Ok y’all….here is how I made the Red Sonja shoes. The first pic is everything you will need.

-Old shoes (I find leather or vinyl work best…I got mine at goodwill for like 4 bucks)

~Mod Podge (I like the gloss kind, but the matte works just as well. Also, if you don’t want to drop the money Mod Podge, which can be expensive you can make your own with a 50/50 mix of water and white glue. It works just as well, but you will get a matte finish and not a shiny one)

~A comic book


~Foam brush

~Silver toned thumb tacks

Step one: Go through your comic book and cut out both rectangular panels that you like and also cut out images of the main character in several different sizes. (Cut out more than you think you’ll need. It takes me almost a whole comic book to do one pair.)

Step two: Arrange your rectangular panels around each shoe and decide where you want them. You should have enough of these panels to cover the sides, toe and backs of the shoes.

Step Three: It’s time to glue the base layer. Use the foam brush to paint a thin layer of Mod Podge on the part of the shoe you want to work on first. (I like to start at the heel and work forward) Place your rectangular panel onto the shoe and brush more Mod Podge on top. The paper will become more flexible once it’s wet with glue and you can use your fingers to smooth it to the contours of the shoe. Repeat this process with all of your rectangular panels until you have covered the entire shoe.

Step Four~ Let first layer dry, this layer doesn’t have to be perfect, you will have an opportunity to fix any spots that don’t look great in the next step. This step really just makes a base for the next step.

Step Five~ Take a look at your shoes and decide which character cut outs you want to use on each shoe. (I really find that determining this before you glue allows you the opportunity to make sure both shoes are equally cool..I also like to go ahead and pick out my two favorite images for the toes, since they will be the first thing everyone sees)

Step Six~ Glue your cut outs in the same way you did the rectangular panels. Use them over the seams of the panels on the bottom layer and anywhere else you would like to put them. (I find it’s hard to overdo this step, but I do like to make sure the shoes are balanced, meaning I like to have the same number of images and similar sized ones on each side of the shoe)

Step Seven~ Let dry, then paint over the entire shoe with one final layer of Mod Podge to completely seal everything and let dry.

Step Eight~ Stud the toes. This was easy, I just took thumb tacks and pushed them into the toe of the shoe. I started at the tip of the toe and placed the tacks until I was happy with them..If you have trouble pushing them through the material of the shoe you can use a hammer to tap them in. ( I found that the leather was thick enough that the pointy ends didn’t push all the way into the shoe. So they won’t stick you when you wear them.)

So I have never tried doing a tutorial before, so I hope all of this makes sense! Next time I make a pair I will photograph the whole process so I can share it with you guys. Also..if you guys make a pair I would love to see them!

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